Next Steps

Next Step

Do you have a life wish for the Kingdom of God?

Do you feel nudged by the Spirit to try something new and believe our church can help?

Next Steps Campaign is rooted in deep biblical faith.

Next Steps

Step of Belonging

  • Profession of faith
  • Request for baptism
  • Request for church membership
  • Signing up for a “Discover Centerville” sign up today.

Step of Growth

  • Commit to joining a Sunday school class
  • Commit to signing up for “A Life of Christian Calling” sign up today
  • Commit to joining a class on spiritual gifts (March 2017)
  • Commit to joining a weekday Bible study or group
  • Commit to joining a children or youth discipleship group

Step of Friendship

  •  Commit to mentoring folks in an area of your giftedness
  •  Request to seek mentoring from someone
  • Commit to forming an intentional faith friendship with others in the church
  • Participating in a specific fellowship/support group

Step of Serving

  • Commit to joining a ministry team
  • Commit to joining a committee or office
  • Commit to joining a deacon team
  • Commit to joining a worship group
  • Commit to joining another area of service at Centerville or outside ministries Centerville folks are involved in

Step of Giving

  • Commit to a reoccurring (weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.) offering.
  • Commit to raising the percentage of your current offering.
  • Commit to a one-time donation.

Exploring your Steps

  • Request an informal pastor conversation with Kevin or Brian to explore yournext  step(s).
  • Request a formal coaching agreement with Brian to explore your next step(s).